Task Force Information and Proposal to Restructure the Club

At the March 1st General Meeting. members approved the proposal to restructure our club into two clubs. A description of the proposal can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OskbtjgVP_M.

Any member who joined from January 1, 2018 to the present is welcome to join both clubs. Click here to see a list of members and when each joined. All members who are currently in the club are welcome to stay in the social club.

Questions from our Informational Meetings and emails were gathered and the answers are listed here. 

The following are files you can open and/or print:

Introduction to the Task Force and its work

Task Force Proposals

Proposal to Restructure our Newcomers Club of San Dieguito

Newcomers Outreach Committee

Survey and Questionnaire Results

Membership Survey Results – Summary

Membership Survey Results – Ways to restructure the club

Members Survey Results by length of time in club and zip codes

Membership Survey Comments

Activity and Committee Chair Questionnaire Responses

Task Force Meeting Minutes

Task Force Meeting #1 Minutes April 21, 2022

Task Force Meeting #2 Minutes May 3, 2022

Task Force Meeting #3 Minutes July 7, 2022

Task Force Meeting #4 Minutes January 5, 2023

Task Force Meeting #5 Minutes January 11, 2023